An effective, well-managed IT system is one of the most valuable business advantages an organisation can secure. The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. IT is challenging to get right and expensive to get wrong — not only in terms of money spent, but also in lost efficiency and potential regulatory infringements.

Information Strategy Planning (ISP)

As the effect of IT on business has become greater, so has the significance of IT strategy planning on supporting enterprise strategy. Our IT strategy (Information Strategy Planning, “ISP”) service provides insights on future enterprise led by new technology, and support the optimised architecture of application, data and Infra-Architecture. It also provides advisory on IT organisation, human resources and an innovative operation model for the system.

Project Management

When carrying out a long-term or large-scale IT system implementation project, we provide systemised management service to manage changes in process and technical requirements from risk and issue management perspectives. Concurrently, we provide service to comprehensively manage overall components of the on-going project, such as timetable, quality, technology, human resources and communications.

IT Operations Strategy / ITO Strategy

Presently, IT Operations Strategy of enterprises face a multitude of challenges. Constant increase in operational expenses following massive IT system adoption and operation, dissatisfaction of user departments on IT service, reduced credibility due to system errors, increasing demands of supervisory institutions, and constant changes in legal requirements are some of the immediate problems that the IT function of enterprises must solve. 1891 examines the as-is IT operation of our clients and establish methods of improvement for efficient operations. We also perform diagnosis on the current operations, advise on IT operation architecture and technology for cost reduction, provide compliance service in preparation to satisfy requirements of supervisory institutions and advise on the overall IT operational strategy.

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